My blog goals and stats | January

My blog goals and stats | January

It’s the end of my first month blogging on this new site and i’m really happy with how it has been so far! In case you don’t know, I only started this blog at the beginning of January. I’m still running my old blog over at but this one is my more serious site (if that makes sense!) Plus it’s mainly food and travel while the other is lifestyle and books.

I thought it would be a good idea to do a monthly stats for this site as I did one for my other blog, and I actually quite like writing them. It really helps to keep me on track. So let’s begin!

Social Media Goals

As this site is so new, I never really had any goals to achieve other than get the site off the ground and some views under my belt! I’ve definitely achieved that, as you’ll see below. I did however set some social media goals over on my other site where I’ve started doing a quarterly goals and stats post. My goals for social media by April 2018 were:

Twitter (@fessjarmer)
Goal – 2,000 followers

Instagram (jess_cantoni)
Goal – 1,000 followers

Youtube (Jess Cantoni)
Goal – 400 followers

So far I haven’t achieved those goals but I’m very close with Twitter (currently at 1,479 followers) so I reckon i’ll make it by April. I finally made it to 700 followers on Insta this month too, after weeks and weeks of staying around the 695 mark. Insta is SO hard right now. I’m hoping I don’t get any unfollows and drop back down, as i’m still on the cusp of the 700 mark at 702 followers. Youtube I’m only at 176. I think I was a little generous with that goal.

Blog Goals

  • I’d like to gain at least 10 more followers by February. I’m currently at 21.
  • To get at least one paid sponsored post (not sure if this is possible!)
  • 1500 monthly views
  • Maybe get a mailing list going and get some subscribers to join in


Please be nice when looking at these stats. This blog is very new! The annoying thing is, I’m SO very close to 1000 monthly views. I bet I’ll get there by tomorrow but oh well! (And yes, after writing this and coming back today to post it, I had reached just over 1000 views!) I’ll keep the stats like it is those since they’re the true January stats.

Monthly views – 994
Visitors – 502
Post likes – 11
Comments – 169

Best post – Peanut Butter & Coconut Energy Balls
Page Views – 123

I’m pretty sure this one did well since everyone is on a health craze at the moment, what with it being veganuary and all.

Best referral site – Twitter
Refers – 111

Most popular country visitor – UK (581 visits)
Second most popular – USA (197 visits)

So how did I do it?

  • Consistency is key. I posted almost on the same days each week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • Engagement – make sure you comment and follow over bloggers. Spread the love!
  • Linkies! I linked up my recipes to so many great blogger’s linkies, encouraging more engagement and gaining more comments/views. My go-to linkies are #recipeoftheweek #cookblogshare #cookonceeattwice (I might do a post on my favourite linkies soon – stay tuned!)
  • I made sure I promoted on: Twitter, Pinterest, Stumpleupon, Insta and Insta story, Snapchat and Facebook.
  • I never stopped having fun! Once blogging stops being fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Plans for February

February is an exciting month with lots planned! There’s going to be –

  • Each week the food and travel posts will be themed. I won’t give too much away, but let’s just say we’re going to be getting very cultural around here soon!
  • I’ve got some exciting collaborations planned on my other blog where i’m going to be re-starting a series that went down well last year.
  • To actually get going with Pinterest; spend a little bit more time on there as I’ve heard it does wonders for the blog…
  • Hopefully as a personal goal, I’m going to re-start learning some languages. I’ve been watching the polyglot, Lindie Botes a lot on Youtube and she has inspired me to do a little each day. I’m going to be mainly focusing on Italian but will perhaps re-charge my rusty French and Spanish, and maybe something a little different.. haven’t decided yet.

There we have it, my blog goals and stats from January. I hope you have found it remotely insightful! It shows what you can do from only a month blogging if you work hard and put the effort in.

Do you track your statistics month-by-month? Let me know if you in the comments! Leave your links. I’d love to read them.


Blog goals and stats