Welcome to Jess Eats and Travels. This site is the creation of Jess Cantoni (Me!) from www.jesscantoni.com`

I created this blog in order to separate my passions; cooking; travel; reading and generally just talking about life! I wanted to be able to talk about travel and food together but separate from the other things, and thus Jess Eats and Travels was born overnight. You can still visit my other blog to hear me talking about life, goals, book reviews and general lifestyle posts.

It’s an exploration

Jess Eats and Travels is an outlet for me to talk about my two favourite things: Food and Travel. I’ve always been interested in cooking from a young age. I remember my Mum baking rock buns with me and wanting to be independent and do it myself (+ having more ownership over licking the bowl after!) You can read more about my journey over on ‘my journey’ page, but i’ll just add that my passion continued until I was 24 when I was lucky enough to pursue a dream and attend Le Cordon Bleu in London and complete a Patisserie Diploma. And two years later I’m wanting to put all that hard work to good use and cook and bake for you lovely lot, on this site. I want to inspire people that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, whilst also exploring and developing different recipes from around the globe.

That’s where the travel aspect comes in. I love to travel, as do most people. When I don’t have my head in a recipe book, it’s most likely to be in a travel guide instead; I read them for pleasure! I love planning none-existent trips to far-away lands. I want to put this passion of planning trips into this blog and hopefully inspire you for your next trip away. Whether its a weekend trip to the big apple (New York); a two week trip to explore the wonders of Thailand or a UK camping getaway, i’ll have you covered.

I hope you enjoy visiting Jess Eats and Travels. If you’d like to chat to me about anything food and travel related (or even just about the weather), i’d be happy for you join me on my social medias on the right-hand side. I always reply to comments and am very active on Twitter.

Jess Eats and Travels continues over on Youtube where you’ll find me vlogging my daily life as wells as cooking tutorials and lots of other (hopefully) useful things. You can subscribe to me by clicking the link below.

Blogging schedule (rough guide)

You can expect from me per week –

Tuesday – A recipe post

Wednesday – A travel post

Thursday – A recipe Post

Friday – A weekend treat recipe post

Usually I’ll try and do one savoury, one bake and one ‘treat’ per week (this could vary though).

If you’d like to know more about me, visit ‘my journey’ page!

Header Image Credit

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing illustrator Giulia Clerici. She did an wonderful job drawing my logo and then hand-painting with water colours! I recommend you all to go over and follow her on Instagram. Her handle is – @ricettedisegnate

She has an Etsy page also where she sells her wonderful creations. Go check her out!