How to Make and Freeze White Chicken Stock

Do you ever find yourself stuck at home without a stock cube to hand? We’ve all been there! How about preparing a batch of white chicken stock and freezing some for future times like these? You’ll not only gain another cooking skill under your belt but you’ll unlock a whole load of delicious dishes you can make with it!

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A jug of stock with onion, carrot and leek in front of it.


How to make chicken stock should be something everyone learns. It’s one of those basic cooking skills that will take you places! Once you’ve learnt this skill in my white chicken stock how to, you’ll be cooking up a whole range of fancy things (see ‘what to do with chicken stock’ below).

Make a batch of my white chicken stock and freeze it (see below on how to freeze chicken stock) in portions, so you’re never far away from a healthy lunch or dinner. 

Chicken stock is really simple to make too. And It’s certainly not a recipe only reserved for top chefs! Chicken stock is something that has been a staple in kitchens for decades and decades. However, It does require a bit of patience and time.

Why should I make homemade chicken stock?

  • Versatile
  • Minimum effort
  • Flavourful
  • Freezable – get ahead 
  • Learn a new skill
A chopping board with sliced carrots, onion, celery and leek

Ingredients needed

To make this white stock with chicken, you’ll need the following:

 Chicken wings or chicken bones – using a less meaty part of the chicken is what keeps this recipe as ‘stock’ and not ‘broth’. Try and source yours from a local butcher if you can. 

A chopped carrot

A sliced Leek

A diced onion

A chopped celery stalk 

A garlic clove, unpeeled

Bouquet Garni – gather up a tablespoon each of dried parsley, thyme, rosemary and 2 bay leaves; mix together and bundle up in a cheesecloth tied with twine. 

A piece of cheesecloth with a selection of herbs on it plus a piece of twine


I would recommend a large stainless steel stock pot, a mesh skimmer or a slotted spoon for skimming and a fine sieve for straining the stock at the end. 

Storing White Chicken Stock

White chicken stock will keep in their fridge in a lidded container for two days. But, it’s best to use it up on the second day! 

Alternatively you can freeze it by pouring into reusable ziplock freezer bags. If you require smaller amounts, you could also pour into ice cube trays, however I can’t imagine a time when you’d need an amount that small! Mason jars, glass and plastic Tupperware are all sufficient too, as long as the lid is secure. Personally I’d only keep white chicken stock in the freezer for two months. 

Chicken stock being poured from a bowl into a jug

How to use Chicken Stock Leftovers

You’ve got your chicken stock but what are you going to make with it? White chicken stock can be made into SO MANY tasty lunches and dinners. The fanciest of all is the French veloute: a sauce made from a roux and light stock, typically eaten with seafood and poultry. 

Maybe you need a gravy for your roast dinner? Why not make a chicken jus! Chicken jus is also made with light chicken stock, as well as chicken and vegetables that have been fried. The whole things is simmered and strained to create a fine, rich gravy.

For a tastier rice, try cooking it in some chicken stock instead of water. You’ll have a much tastier rice as a result! 

And finally, a base for a good old noodle soup. Add spring onions, Chinese greens such as bok choy and sliced ginger and you’ve got yourself a meal! Oh and don’t forget the noodles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions you’ve been asking, answered!

What’s the difference between chicken stock and broth?

Ah, the thing that confuses most people! It’s quite simple actually. Chicken STOCK is made from chicken bones and is a lot lighter. And chicken BROTH is made from meat that is on the bone and is darker in colour usually – although mine is quite brown due to the herbs and concentration of water to chicken.  

What’s the difference between white and brown chicken stock?

Another simple answer. Brown chicken stock is made from meat and vegetables that have been fried, creating a deeper colour from the browning. White chicken stock bones are not browned at all; they are cooked in the stock as they are. 

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Where can I buy chicken bones?

My recipe uses chicken wings as it’s a cut of the chicken which is not very meaty at all.

However if you would prefer to go traditional and use chicken bones, you should check first in the supermarket. You might have some luck at the meat counter. If not try your local butcher as they are bound to have bones for chicken stock.

If all else fails, buy a whole chicken and take off the wings and strip the chicken of the meat, leaving behind the carcass. You can use this whole in the stock.

Can I use different vegetables in my chicken stock?

Of course! Feel free to use whatever you can find in your fridge. Different vegetables will create a different flavour stock but yes, yes you can.

Is this stock suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

No because it contains chicken wings. You can make this a vegetable stock instead by simply omitting the chicken.

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Is chicken stock stock gluten-free?

Yes, chicken does not contain wheat. This chicken stock is gluten-free. It’s commercially prepared stock cubes that you have to be careful with. Read the ingredients label to be sure.

Can I reheat chicken stock?

You can reheat chicken stock but as it contains chicken, I’d recommend reheating it well. The best way to reheat chicken stock would be in in a pan until steaming.

Have I missed anything? Happy to answer any questions in the comments!

The Recipe

White Chicken Stock

  • Serves: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy

Chicken stock is a great basic to learn in cooking. It’s versatile and can be used for many dishes. Also food for using up leftover chicken bones and veg.

What you will need

  • 7 chicken wings
  • 1 litre of water
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 celery
  • 1/2 leek
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Bouquet garni


  • 11. Put your chicken wings into the stock pot and cover with the water
  • 22. Boil for a few minutes
  • 33. Skim the surface using your slotted spoon. Discard the scum in a bowl
  • 44. Add the chopped veg, garlic and bouquet garni
  • 55. Simmer for an hour, ensuring you skim off the scum every now and then
  • 66. Strain the stock through a fine sieve into a bowl
  • 77. Cool and store/freeze as required


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Let’s get cooking!

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