Desert Safari Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

Dubai is oozing with amazing natural wonders. One side, it has a vast blue ocean and on the another, a sprawling desert with golden sands. Thats what makes it ideal for adventure. If Dubai is your next destination, then take a Dubai desert safari.

The safaris in Dubai are packed with adrenaline-pumping activities. Besides, they are apt for sightseeing, immersing in cultural activities, tasting local and multi-continental dishes, and witnessing belly dancing. The varied experiences on desert safari will surely make you feel young. Know everything about the desert safari here.

What to expect on a thrilling Dubai Desert Safari?

A ticket to Dubai desert safari is a gateway to exciting and thrilling experiences that will force you to repeat again and again. On the safari, you will experience adventure, view amazing sights, take a relaxing camel ride, and lots more. Here’s what you can expect on a thrilling Dubai Desert Safari:

Dune Bashing

This activity is the father of all adventures and a compulsory whilst out in the in desert. With dune bashing, you will glide through the vast expanse of undulating dunes and enjoy a white-knuckle ride. You just have to buckle up and hold on tight as an expert driver will drive you across the rugged terrain of the desert landscape.

When the vehicle is driven on the steep decline and incline of the dunes, you will literally feel butterflies in your stomach. You will laugh and scream with excitement throughout the dune bashing. The dizzying ride will enthral you and leave you exhilarated.

Camel Trekking

The second compulsory activity in a desert safari is camel trekking. This activity is good to soak in the charm of desert at leisure. No matter what age you are, you can hop onto the back of the camel with the help of the cameleer and experience one of the oldest modes of transportation in the desert region. The height of the camel will offer you a vantage point to see the indigenous flora and fauna. Just take a binocular with you and get lost in the mesmerizing vistas stretching to immeasurable distances.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is an activity you will never forget as it gives full control in your hands to explore the desert landscape. If you love bike riding, this off-road adventure is for you. Even if you’ve not driven a quad bike before, the professional guide of the safari organizer will help. With some instructions and safety briefing from him, you can go on a desert expedition like the riders seen in Hollywood movies. The unmatched splendor of the desert will mesmerize you.


Sand-boarding is an exciting activity wherein you will stand on a board with your foot strapped and the instructor will give you a gentle push to enable you to glide down the sand dunes. Before you get ready for the adventure, gloves and goggles will be provided along with brief safety instructions. As you start gliding, the rush of adrenaline that you will feel in your body will excite you. So, don’t miss sand-boarding as you will also get to take in the natural beauty of the desert.

Desert Sunset View

When the day begins to end and the sun is about to set, you will get to witness the captivating sunset moving across the dessert landscape. The mix of colors that you will see across the desert horizon will surely add life to your eyes. A kaleidoscope of colors in different hues of bright oranges, cool pinks, and slight yellowish – so magical is the desert sunset view. Witnessing this spectacle in the tranquil atmosphere of the desert is a surreal experience to not miss.

Bedouin Hospitality: A Taste of Tradition

The Bedouin people are known for their hospitality and indulgence in lavish dishes. You can experience all of these on a safari.

The safari company or the tour operator will arrange a lavish buffet dinner in camp for you and all the guests on the safari. The sitting arrangement for the dinner will be done in a traditional style. You will enjoy the real taste of Arabian cuisine. The feast will mostly include aromatic rice, freshly baked bread, non-veg dishes of your choice from grilled meats to mutton, and sweet dishes as well. To entertain you, professional belly dancers will give a show – maybe you can pick up a move or two!

Types of Desert Safaris

All tour operators or safari companies offer desert safari experiences from early morning to late evening and for an overnight stay.

Morning Desert Safari

If you want to start the day on a thrilling note, then the morning desert safari is one of the best. Like all other safaris, this safari will also have the usual inclusions. It starts with dune bashing. You will love the cool and tranquil atmosphere of the desert in the early morning. Taking a camel-back ride, experiencing sandboarding, and trying quad-biking in the pleasant, cool weather. After engaging in all the activities, you will enjoy a refreshment in a Bedouin camp. When the safari is over, you will be dropped-off at your hotel or residence of stay.

Evening Desert Safari

This safari starts at 15:00 or 16:00 pm and lasts for almost 7 hours. The first activity on the safari is dune bashing. You will hop into an SUV driven by an experienced driver who knows the desert terrain in and out. As the driver steps on the accelerator, you will enjoy the exciting and thrilling ride as the SUV zooms through the steep sand dunes. After this, you will have the choice of sandboarding and quad biking, both which are good fun. Then, you will be taken to a Bedouin camp for entertainment and a lavish BBQ dinner.

Private Desert Safari Dubai

If you don’t want crowds around you and experience the desert only with your near and dear, you have the choice to book a private desert safari Dubai. These are good tour operators or safari companies that offer small groups or families an exclusive tour package. You can customize the itinerary for the safari as per your preferences for an intimate and personalized experience. The kind of treatment you will receive will make you feel like a VIP. No doubt, it will cost you extra, but if you value experiences and want to explore the desert in style, go for a private desert safari Dubai.

Essential Tips for Desert Safari Dubai

• To lessen the effect of the desert heat, wear comfortable and light-coloured dresses made of cotton or linens.

• Throughout the safari, use sunglasses and a wide hat, which will protect your eyes and skin.

• Keep drinking water at regular intervals to stay hydrated.

• Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly.

• Record all the fun and adventurous moments with a digital camera or a smartphone.

• Don’t throw away waste irresponsibly and harm the desert and its ecosystem.

A desert safari in Dubai is exciting and adventurous. It is a golden chance to enjoy the Arabian desert, thrilling activities, witness a desert sunrise or sunset, experience Bedouin hospitality and come back with many memories that will never forget!

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