A Foodie’s Perfect Tour Across the UK

From fish and chips to fine dining, the UK food scene has evolved exponentially over the past few decades. Due to the country’s vibrant multicultural communities and ability to keep up with ever-changing global food trends, there’s nowhere better to embark on a food tour than the UK.

Gone are the days when deciding where to eat for dinner was a toss-up between two chain restaurants, as the rise in independent eateries throughout the UK has established a brilliant tapestry of tastes in every corner of the country.


Hop on a train to London and brace yourself for an explosion of mouthwatering flavours, unique dining experiences and traditional British grub. London has steadily gained its reputation as one of the best and most diverse food cities in the world, and quite rightly.

As the Capital, London serves as a gateway to the rest of the country, so setting an example of the standards of food you will encounter on a culinary tour is crucial. If you want a cockney classic, make sure you sample an East End ‘pie n mash’, accompanied by eels and liquor (parsley sauce). Other hotspots include the Brick Lane Beigel Bake for archetypal bagels and Bone Daddies for delicious ramen.

Malton, Yorkshire

Head up north to Malton, a short journey from York, for a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Known as the food capital of Yorkshire, Malton has risen in the league tables of unlikely foodie hubs.

Make your way to Talbot Yard where you’ll be greeted with an array of baked goods, artisan beverages and Yorkshire’s own gelato.


Take a trip to the southern coast to sample some of the freshest seafood the UK has to offer. With a plethora of quaint fishing villages such as Port Isaac and Mousehole, Cornwall is ideal for those wanting to hop in the car to taste the best of what the county has available.

The town of Padstow is home to TV Chef Rick Stein’s flagship seafood restaurant, serving up the delights of Cornwall’s coast since 1975, and it’s certainly not one to miss.


The birthplace of the humble Eccles cake, Manchester and its surrounding suburbs are a delight for the tastebuds. Having experienced a dramatic re-birth since the city’s post-industrial turmoil of the 1980s, the northern metropolis hosts a spectacular food scene.

Wander the busy streets of the Northern Quarter to Federal Café, an antipodean-style brunch spot with constant queues out the door. Then, head to the modern buzz of Ancoats to sample the Scandi treats of Pollen, an equally as cool bakery where pastries and cakes become works of art.

Bruton, Somerset

The picturesque town of Bruton, nestled in the roaming green pastures of Somerset, has attracted several unconventional chefs and culinary fiends in recent years. With award-winning cheese, artisan ciders and biodynamic wines, Bruton is an unexpected champion when it comes to food.

If you’re contemplating touring the UK in search of rich flavours and interesting culinary combinations, don’t head straight to the larger cities without considering the smaller towns and villages. This list acknowledges that delicious eats are to be found in the most unlikely places. And if you ever are stuck for finding places to eat in these wonderful foodie destinations, check out Square Meal. You can just type in where you are heading and it’ll list many, many options! You can even earn rewards too.

Good luck!

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