A Guide to The Top Culinary Locations in Italy

World-renowned for its rich culinary heritage and diverse regional flavours, it’s no surprise that Italy attracts millions of food lovers a year. With such a vast range of landscapes, from the snow-capped Alps to the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy provides an unbeatable gastronomic range of delicacies.

If you’re heading to the gourmand’s paradise in search of spectacular food and exceptional wines, you’ll be sure to find that in any region across the country.

Make your Italy trips a culinary dream by heading to one of the four locations listed below:


Voted the food capital of the world, Bologna should certainly be added to your Italian culinary bucket list. The capital of Emilia-Romagna has been nicknamed La Grassa (the fat one) for good reason. The city’s unparalleled specialities such as lasagne Bolognese, mortadella and tagliatelle al ragu are prime examples of the decadent indulgence you will experience here.

After spending an afternoon wandering through the beautiful Porticoes or visiting the world’s oldest university, spend your time sampling any of the region’s 42 DOP (origin-protected) products. These range from Parmigiano-Reggiano to the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


As the birthplace of pizza, visiting Naples is a must for any food lover. Once the poor man’s food, the Napoli staple has become an art form, with hundreds of pizzerias battling to be the best across the city.

Serving as the metropolitan backdrop to Mount Vesuvius and the remains of Pompeii, Naples is a delight for both food and history enthusiasts. Combine the beauty of Renaissance art at the Capodimonte museum with the delicious flavours of Naples, such as flaky Sfogliatelle and Vongole (clam) pasta.


Head over to the Sardinian coast and experience an array of wonderful seafood in the island’s capital, Cagliari. Serving as a delightful mix of mare e montagna – sea and mountain – the city’s food scene perfectly displays the landscape’s bounty as well as the island’s mixed cultural heritage.

When visiting, make sure to try Bottarga, cured mullet’s roe often known as the poor man’s caviar. Traditionally grated over spaghetti, it’s a simple yet distinctive taste of the sea.


Eat like a Roman with the creamy taste of traditional Carbonara and the crispy, oozy goodness of Suppli. After several hours of sightseeing, strolling from the Colosseum to the Pantheon, enjoy a well-deserved lunch choosing from Rome’s ample selection of specialities.

The humble Cacio e Pepe is not to be overlooked, as the sheep’s cheese and black pepper pasta dish is cooked to perfection here. If you’ve spent a night dancing away in one of the city’s many night clubs, be sure to try Pizza al Taglio, rectangular pizza slices served with an array of toppings and paid for by weight.

As you journey across Italy’s top culinary destinations, prepare to indulge in a harmonious mix of flavours that celebrates the country’s passion for food and vibrant cultural heritage.

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