A Guide to Andorran Food, Background and Culture

All you need to know about Andorra. I’ll cover its climate, its people, language and religion. Not forgetting Andorran food and culture (media and literature) as well as holidays and festivities. 

A Guide to Andorran Food

Where is Andorra exactly?

  • Andorra is actually known as ‘the principality of Andorra’ and yes, it is a country!
  • You’ll find it in the Eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain
  • It’s known as a micro-state because of its size
  • The reason for being called a ‘principality’ is due to the fact that its headed by two princes who share the role of being a prince: the Catholic bishop of Urgell in Spain and the President of France (the world’s only co-principality)
  • It’s the sixth-smallest nation in Europe
  • Its capital is Andorra La Vella (the highest capital city in Europe at 1,023m)
  • The language is Catalan (French, Spanish and Portuguese is also spoken)
  • The main religion is Catholicism (although not official)

What is the national dish?

The national dish of Andorra is escudella, a stew which contains a lot of different meats such as sausages, chicken, veal, pig snout and ears and trotters. It’s cooked in a broth of stock with pasta, vegetables and pulses. Potatoes might also be added. I believe every family has their own variation. You can probably see why I didn’t choose to cook this dish!

Andorran cuisine has influences from – 

  • Spain
  • France
  • The location (fresh water lakes, vast amounts of land to raise animals and produce)

What would I eat for breakfast?

There wasn’t a lot of information available on breakfasts in Andorra but here’s what I’m guessing from its location and influences –

  • Coffee with milk
  • Croissants
  • Toast with butter and jam

What would I eat for lunch?

  • I would say, like most Mediterranean countries, the lunch would be very similar to dinner
  • Hot dishes (see below)
  • Sandwiches with mountain cheese

Battered Bubble and Squeak
My take on the Catalan dish, Trinxat – battered bubble & squeak balls

What would I eat for dinner?

  • The national dish, escudella, served with crusty bread
  • Trinxat, a Catalan version of bubble and Squeak (see my take in the image above)
  • Snails in olive oil salt and garlic mayo, or a paprika vinagrette
  • Fresh water trout wrapped in ham
  • Lots of cured meats
  • Rabbit cooked in tomato sauce with onions and wine
  • Andorran version of cannelloni (lamb, chicken and pork mince)
  • Chicory salad with bacon and nuts
  • Toasted bread rubbed with garlic, olive oil and salt and tomato paste
  • Lots of traditional mountain cheeses
  • Steak tartare

What would I eat after dinner? 

  • Crema Andorrana – an Andorran version of creme brulee
  • Torrijas – bread soaked in milk or wine with honey and spiced, and then dipped in egg and fried (traditional for Easter)
  • Coca Massegada – flat bread filled with custard and topped with candied fruit and almonds


What to eat in Andorra


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