How to Plan a Foodie Weekend Getaway

Hungering for a break? Me too. A foodie weekend getaway might just be the perfect recipe to satiate your cravings for some authentic and delectable delights. Okay, that’s already enough food puns for the entire rest of the post – but! I’m serious, hopping somewhere nice, even just for a couple of days, and combining it with the goal of tasting something local and lovely is simply the best.

Step one: choose a destination

Selecting where you want to go is like picking the most delicious looking fruit from the basket. When flavour is your compass, look for destinations renowned for their food scenes – such as authentic Mediterranean flavours in the rustic trattorias of Italy or the tapas bars of Spain. Or maybe you are in the mood of something a bit more avant-garde, like the food markets of London or the innovative restaurants of Copenhagen? We’ve got so many excellent food markets in Europe to choose from! 

For those of you making plans on the fly, last-minute holiday deals to lesser-known culinary hubs like Porto or Lyon can offer a full platter of unexpected delights at a fraction of the cost – so have a look at what’s available and you might be positively surprised at what you can find!

Step two: research and reservations!

You could, of course, just go somewhere and pick whichever restaurant or market stall you come across and go wild. Oryou can dive into food blogs and culinary reviews to fish out the best eateries and local favourites! And if you don’t know what you want, have a look at my collection of world foods and see what tickles your fancy. That might, at the least, give you a little idea of direction.

If you do decide on somewhere to eat, have a look if you can do an early reservation – especially in popular places. That way you won’t miss out something, simply because you weren’t able to get a table somewhere. And if it does happen, have a plan B for those initial ideas fall through! It’s the worst thing looking forward to doing something and then not being able to.

Step three: pack your stuff

And that’s pretty much it! Grab your suitcase, bring an extra bag or leave some space for those irresistible edible souvenirs, or perhaps even a little new spice kit to bring back home? Make sure you know what you can bring back home with you and what isn’t allowed, especially only travelling with hand luggage. I made that mistake once – never again!

Remember to not overindulge, too, which is way too easy when exploring new cuisines. Moreso, everything you bring back with you, you can enjoy once home. Little treats you can sprinkle into your everyday life for a couple of more days, or even weeks!

Sometimes, we just need some new flavours in our lives. Coupling this with a little getaway is the perfect way to do itand can be a little highlight if you’re wanting to bridge the waiting time to your next, longer vacation. I love recreating what I taste and find on my travels, but it always tastes best when it’s authentic and right from the source. So, the next time you’re craving something, just go somewhere it’s made – and enjoy!

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