How To Protect Your Information Online While Travelling

Your personal information can be at risk online wherever you are. But it’s more exposed when you’re on the move. The safety and security of your home network can’t protect you while you’re travelling. So, whether you’re away for work or pleasure, it’s essential you know how to keep your data safe.

Use Trusted Travel Booking Sites

Carefully vet any websites before inputting personal information and payment details. If you’re unfamiliar with a company, check for customer reviews on a trusted third-party site like Trustpilot.

It’s always worth browsing the website itself. Steer clear of ones without an SSL certificate, which is usually displayed with a little padlock near the URL bar. This symbol means any data entered will be secure and encrypted. Also, look for trusted payment methods and visible contact information.

Scammers often try their luck with phishing emails, too. Be sure to verify the authenticity of any messages or deals before clicking on links.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

The biggest threats to your information while away come from unsecured public networks. Unlike your home Wi-Fi, anyone can access them, making them a hotspot for hackers and scammers looking for unknowing targets.

Avoid connecting to unsecured networks in public places like cafes and airports. This helps protect your personal data and devices from malicious activities.


A virtual private network (VPN) is your best friend when it comes to cybersecurity. A VPN hides your online activity wherever you are and on all devices. It encrypts your connection to every network and masks your IP address. This provides a layer of security between you and cybercriminals, which is vital on public Wi-Fi. It’s the only way to be more confident in your internet usage around the world.

Signing up for a VPN service also gives you the added benefit of access to your home content while you’re away. Take your favourite entertainment and activities with you as you travel without restrictions.

Keep Your Devices Updated

The endless barrage of software updates for all your devices may be frustrating. However, they’re crucial for cybersecurity. Patches protect your apps and operating systems from vulnerabilities that hackers can use to steal your data.

Complete any updates your devices or apps require as soon as possible, preferably on a private network or while using a VPN. This should limit your vulnerability to data breaches and account hacking.

Protect Your Information While Travelling

Your personal information is at greater risk while travelling and using the internet. But with the right cybersecurity measures and precautions, you’ll be more protected. Pay close attention to the networks you join and the websites you use, and make use of a VPN.

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