Top 5 Summer Treks in Kashmir For Adventure Lovers

Kashmir contains an abundance of treks that you can undertake in summer. In fact, it is the perfect time for trekking here. The valley flourishes from July to September with clear skies and sunny days. The routes along the treks are easier to navigate and you even can walk barefoot for sometime in the grassy and vast landscapes. You get to trek through rugged plains, lush meadows, valleys, along the edges of bubbling streams, hopping over boulders with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. You witness blooming vibrant wildflowers with birds chirping in the surrounding. 

Most of the summer treks of Kashmir are beginner-friendly too. You just need good cardiovascular health and stamina as they range from moderate to challenging in difficulty level. With moderate temperature, you shouldn’t get cold in the daytime. Although nights can get colder. Pack clothes and other essentials accordingly. 

Finally, do not forget to have the best time of your life when you are trekking in Kashmir!

We have provided the top 5 summer treks of Kashmir and everything you need to know:

1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 

Undoubtedly, one of the oldest treks of Kashmir, Kashmir Great Lakes trek gives you the experience of witnessing the beauty of some of the breathtaking lakes of Kashmir. You can complete it in about 7-9 days depending on the route taken and other factors. More than six lakes such as Vishansar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Gangabal Lake etc. and five valleys fall along the routes. The total distance of the trek is 75 kilometres. Nichnai Pass (11,500ft.) is the base camp and it concludes at Gangabal lake ( 13,276 ft.). You experience an altitude gain of  2200 ft.  Difficulty level is from moderate to challenging. 

Carry some warm clothes for nights and all the camping gears like a sleeping bag, sleeping mat etc. 

2. Tarsar Marsar Trek

As the name suggests, two alpine lakes namely Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake are the highlights of this trek. Spending the night in your camps near these lakes is a surreal experience. You cover a distance of 40-45 kilometres taking approx 7 days to complete it. 

The trek begins from the stunning Aru valley of Kashmir situated at an altitude of  7950 ft. and finds its climax at Homwas 13,165ft.). From beginners to experienced, everyone can undertake it in the summertime. Before starting the journey, acclimatise properly in Srinagar and also in Aru valley to avoid high-altitude sickness. Lidder river is a camping spot of Tarsar Marsar trek where you can soak in all the beauty of the valley. July to September is the most preferred time for this trek due to mild temperature and enjoyable weather. 

3. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi glacier, called the ‘Goddess of light’ is a constant source of water for rivers like Jhelum and Lidder. Kolahoi Glacier Trek begins from Aru valley and the zenith of it is the Kolahoi Glacier. This five-day trek is a short one and can be your maiden trek in Kashmir. The trek concludes at an altitude of about 12-600 ft., requiring the need of acclimatisation. The trek is of moderate level but you do need good physical health for it. You get to walk further along the banks of Lidder river with stunning valleys. The best season for this glacial trek is from March to October. Around 55 kilometres is covered in this trek with walking 10 kilometres in 6 hours at least. 

4. Nichnai Pass Trek

If you have just a couple of days, and you still want to experience the adventure of trekking, then Nichnai Pass Trek is your call.  It takes just 1-2 days to complete the trek and reach the gorgeous Nichnai Pass Trek. This pass is the base camp of the famous Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Vishansar lake and Krishansar lake lie near this pass and you can visit them. Some other nearby places are Nishat Garden. Shalimar Bagh, zoji-la pass, Dal lake etc. It starts at Sonmarg and is situated at an altitude of 4139 ft. The best time again is from June to September. It is closed in the winter. 

5. Gangabal Lake Trek

One of the popular short treks of Kashmir is the Gangabal Lake Trek, which is all about 2 alpine lakes, located in the laps of Mount Everest. Nundkhol Lake and Gangabal lake are the two lakes with the latter believed to be very sacred in Hinduism. The lake is the biggest alpine lake of Kashmir and one of the important highlights of the trek. Naranag is the base camp of this trek and the first stretch from Naranag to Trundkhol is the steepest one. It opens from May to September, but the best time to do the trek is from June to September. The trek distance is about 30 kilometres and takes 4 days to cover it.  

All of these treks are unique and hold a charm of their own. You can choose any of them depending on how many days you have for trekking. They range from 1-2 to 9 days trekking. 

It is very necessary to carry suitable clothing made from cotton (the most breathable) and warm clothes such as thermals, jackets, a few pairs of socks etc to be comfortable. Wear sturdy trekking shoes. Pack essentials and basic medicines along with personal ones, if any. A reusable water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen and power snacks need to be carried, in a spacious and waterproof backpack.

Have an adventurous journey!

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