The 20 Best Advent Calendars for Food Lovers

It’s the holiday season and we’re all ready (almost!) to join the Christmas countdown with our advent calendars! If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love my top picks of food lovers advent calendars. There’s something for everyone in this list! We’ve got sweet-filled treats, savoury snacks as well as dinner/lunch idea calendars too! 

Let me know in the comments which is your fave!

Some of the advent calendars have been gifted but all opinions are my own. A few of the links are affiliate links. You don’t pay extra buying from these – the benefit is that I earn a slight commission, which I’m always grateful for. 

My Top Picks of the Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars

Mrs Bridges Preserves Advent Calendar

Brilliant if you like jam on your toast in the morning! 24 mini pots of jams and preserves – perfect for taste testing for your new fave. You could also use to fill Christmas-themed cakes. An excellent one to gift to Grandparents or older parents. I know my dad loves a new jar of jam, so I’ve gifted it to him! Available on Lakeland for £34.99. 

The Spicery Cracking Curry Advent Calendar

This spice advent calendar is packed with different spice blends to inspire you this festive season. As it’s a 12 day calendar, you could make a curry every other day if you’re really into them. There’s classic curries from butter chicken and dhansak to more unheard of curries from Trinidad and Ghana. I can’t wait to get cooking now! The handy thing is that each spice comes with a recipe booklet, so no having to find a recipe to fit the spice. A great way to get your meals planned in December too. Available on The Spicery for £29.95. They also have the 12 Curries of Christmas advent calendar available on Amazon (a very similar calendar) for £17.97.

Swizzels’ Advent Calendar

Making the countdown to Christmas even more exciting this year, Swizzels’ Advent calendar offers 24 days of delicious sweet treats and features everybody’s favourite Swizzels treats, including Squashies, Refreshers, Love Hearts, Drumstick and more. Mr Swizzels Sweet Shop Advent Calendar is sure to delight all Swizzels fans in the lead up to Christmas! 24 doors filled with Swizzels favourites plus fun jokes, and festive facts. Give your kids (or yourself) and sweet surprise each morning! Available in most major retailers, like Asda and Tesco, for £5. For your convenience you can also find it on Amazon for £13. 

Walkers Advent Calendar

I don’t know about you but I love to snack on a bag of crisps, especially Walkers. They are just hard to beat for that classic crisp crunch! There are some classic flavours in there like cheese and onion and salt and vinegar, but also harder to find flavours like Marmite! 24 days of crispy goodness. Available on Amazon for £44.99.

Popcorn Shed Advent Calendar

This gourmet popcorn advent calendar contains 24 bags of delicious popcorn and 6 unique flavours, from salted caramel to pecan pie. Mouth-watering! Tasty treats, perfect for Christmas movie nights! Available on Amazon for £27.99.

Chilli Advent Calendar 

Perhaps you or a loved one are into seeing how hot you can go with your chillies. Maybe you plan to do a hot sauce challenge? This 24 days of hot sauce advent calendar would be great for stocking up on all the hot sauces you may need for the year. Flavours include habanero, cayenne pepper, sriracha sauce, chipotle sauce, scorpion sauce, tabasco sauce, jalapeno, Naga Jolokia, Louisiana style sauce, Caribbean style, scotch bonnet and orange habanero hot sauce. Glass of milk at the ready! Available on Amazon for £14.90.

Koka Christmas Noodles Advent Calendar

I love a bowl of noodles for lunch and this noodle advent calendar contains 12 packets of them! One for every other day of the week. You’ll find different flavours in there, from chicken to beef. Brilliant to gift to a noodle-loving friend too! Available on Amazon for £23.95.

The Snaffling Pig Co Pork Crackling Advent Calendar 

My husband LOVES a bag of pork crackling to snack on, day or night! We’re big snackers in this household. Snaffling Pig Co calendar contains 24 bags of unique flavors for everyone, from black pepper to maple. Crunch your way to Christmas day with some pork crackling! Available on Amazon for £21.95.

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar 

Will all the cheese lovers please stand up! The Ilchester cheese advent calendar has arrived and we are very happy for it. Perfect for opening all up for one epic cheese and cracker sesh, or eating every for your daily dose of cheese. Cheeses Include – Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, Ilchester Cheddar Cheese, Ilchester Red Leicester Cheese, Ilchester Double Gloucester Cheese and festive flavours: Gingerbread, Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries & Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese. Available on Amazon for £18.26.

Peanut Mix Advent Calendar 

We’re a very snack-y household and peanuts are always good to have around in cupboard. This calendar would be perfect to open up and pair with a bottle of beer through the festive season. Relax into knowing Christmas is nearly here. Flavours include: Smoked Paprika Coated Peanuts, Corn Combo mix, Chocolate Peanuts & Yogurt Raisins, Hotel mix, Smoked Almonds, Chilli Coated Peanuts, Wasabi Peanuts and Honey Peanuts. Available on Amazon for £24.99.

​Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

Working hard on Christmas preparations, a merry group of Santa’s elves have filled the calendar doors with seventeen mini jars of delicious jams & spreads – each unique, prepared exclusively for this Christmas; flavours include Milk Caramel with Cinnamon, Apricot with Lavender, Chestnut Orange with Spices, Raspberry with Dark Chocolate or Cherry with Pink Peppercorn. Also to be discovered are six herbal teas, such as Silent Night with delicately scented lemon verbena, damask rose and linden or Christmas Blend with richly evocative pomegranate, star anise, hibiscus and orange. Then on Christmas Eve discover a pretty, surprise gift – just in time for the big day itself! Available on Amazon for £18.99.

Jerky Advent Calendar

The calendar may have a high price point at £99 but it’s so worth it if you’re a jerky fan.12 days of jerky to enjoy from the best producers around! Treat yourself – Grab a bag, open a bottle of beer and get in the holiday spirit. Would also make a lovely main gift for a jerky-lover in your life.  Available for £99 at

Anthon Berg Advent Calendar

Brilliant for any liqueur or marzipan lover in your life. I know my mum would love this one as shes a big marzipan fan. 24 mini-filled marzipan praline treats coated in rich dark chocolate behind each door, made with exquisite fruit marmalade and the finest of liqueurs. The most luxurious high-end chocolate advent calendar – go treat yourself! Available on Amazon for £25.46. 

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar for Two

24 days of classic chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. The most delicious advent calendar, perfect for a couple! No more fights over who gets the advent calendar chocolate. I’m a big Hotel Chocolat fan and I know this calendar would make my husband and I very happy each morning. Available on Amazon for £23.20.

NIO Cocktail Advent Calendar

24 days of ready-made cocktails. I mean..!! 12 opportunities for cocktails for two, from a negroni to a dry martini. You can sip your way through the month of December! A great gift also for wannabe mixologists. If you decide to purchase or gift the NIO Cocktail Advent Calendar, I hope you enjoy the curated selection of cocktails and the festive spirit it brings to your December celebrations!  Available on Amazon for £139. 

C&T Coffee Advent Calendar

The C&T Coffee Advent Calendar sounds like a wonderful treat for coffee enthusiasts! The idea of starting each morning with a different whole bean, fairtrade coffee from various parts of the world adds an exciting and flavorful element to the holiday season. The perfect gift for coffee lovers this festive season. Fill your mornings with freshly brewed coffee from the bean box and get through December the right way! Available on Amazon for £45.90. 

Virgin Wine Advent Calendar

The best gift for December for that wine lover in your life. 24 days of expertly picked bottles of wine. A brilliant buy to stock up for Christmas! You’ll find the classic sauvignon blanc as well as processo. Working out at only £3.50 per bottle! If the recipient is a wine lover, this advent calendar could be a thoughtful and enjoyable gift, providing them with a diverse selection of wines to savor throughout the month of December. It’s a creative and festive way to appreciate different flavors and styles of wine, making it a memorable addition to the holiday season.

I hope the Virgin Wine Advent Calendar brings joy and a touch of sophistication to the holiday celebrations for those who choose to indulge in it! Cheers! Available on Amazon for £85.99. 

English Tea Luxury Triangular Advent Calendar

Full of loose-leaf teas, this Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar form English Tea would suit any regular tea drinker in your life. Count down to Christmas the better way – with a cup of tea in hand. The flavours include: Mate Cocoa & Coconut, Lemongrass Citrus & Ginger, Cocoa, Cinnamon & Ginger, Holiday Boost, Winter Balance, Winter Warmer, Tropical Lemongrass, Ceylon black tea, Turmeric Ginger & Lemongrass, Sencha Green Tea, Apple Rosehip & Cinnamon, Cranberry Hibiscus & Rosehip and Ceylon Cinnamon. Available on Amazon for £16.99.

After Eight Big Ben Advent Calendar

I couldn’t not include this one in my guide. The classic After Eights comes out every Christmas. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a tradition we love in the UK! This calendar features dark and white mint-filled chocolates in a Big Ben shaped 3D calendar. It would make a lovely post-dinner treat each night in the run up to Christmas. Or you could gift it to that one After Eight fan in your life. Available on Amazon for £32.99. 

Which advent calendar would you choose?

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