Unusual Family Holiday Ideas in the US

There’s plenty to love about a traditional holiday itinerary, but if you’re looking to rip up the rule book, you might be interested in some more unusual ideas to add to your travel bucket list. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something a little different as a family can be an incredible way to strengthen your bonds and form wonderful memories that’ll last a lifetime.

For an unconventional escape, America truly is the land of opportunity. In this blog post, we
explore three options for a unique getaway to the States.

A ranch retreat

What better way to capture the little ones’ imaginations than by taking a trip to the American frontier? Let your little cowgirls and cowboys run havoc on their very own ranch, where they can wear themselves out partaking in plenty of outdoor activities in a family-friendly setting.

Southern states are particularly adept at hosting this style of holiday, and most will also supply gorgeous weather conditions throughout the year. Monument Valley in Arizona is recommended by experts for this type of experience, while the Lone Star State of Texas is another crowd-pleasing place to consider.

The parents will be pleased to hear that a ranch holiday isn’t all high-energy cattle drives and horseback rides – it’s also a wonderful opportunity to relax in some truly serene surroundings. Often set in wide open, rural spaces, staying on a ranch is a great way to get back to nature and escape the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Why not go the whole hog and have a digital detox during your break? While the kids may take some convincing to be weaned off of their devices, putting away the phones and laptops will give you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the Wild West way of life, while also building your bonds as a family.

A surfing escape

Sport is a serious business across America, and trying your hand at some new sports is a great way to both immerse yourself in the culture while also getting active as a family. Best of all, there are so many different sports you can try out across the country, meaning you’re sure to find an activity that everyone can get involved with.

If your children love nothing more than making a splash in the sea, head to the Pacific coast and see if they can pick up the art of surfing out on the water. Surfing is a popular pastime in this part of the world, with California in particular being one of the most renowned hotspots.

Whether you want to watch how the pros do it or take on the waves yourself, this high-octane activity is perfect for older children looking to pick up a new hobby. And, after a day on the ocean, what better way to kick back and recuperate than by soaking up the last of the Californian sun on one of its world-class beaches?

A journey back in time

If there are any budding historians in the family, why not take a trip to a bygone era and explore America’s most significant historical sites? Learning history here isn’t all about museums and dates – there are plenty of interactive ways to expand your historical knowledge. Perhaps they’ve learned about a particular part of the country’s history that’s captured their imagination, or maybe they’ve seen an important site in the classroom that they want to discover in person. Either way, there are countless ways you can enjoy a holiday in modern America while learning all about its past.

There are plenty of locations to choose from for your history-themed holiday. Williamsburg in Virginia is always a popular destination for families; here you’ll find the biggest living museum in the country, where you can learn all about the colonial era. For an immersive lesson in natural history, what better classroom is there than Yellowstone in Wyoming? As the country’s first national park, this region holds a lot of historical significance, while also simply being a quite beautiful place to visit.

The children will be excited to share what they’ve learned with their friends back home, and putting the emphasis on exploring a new country’s culture is a wonderful way to broaden their horizons and ultimately support their development.

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