6 ideas when you struggle to pick gifts

You might be terrible at buying presents and always dread whenever an occasion, whether birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s, comes around. You might even feel embarrassed when buying gifts for your loved ones because they always seem to get it just right. So what can you do if you’re tired of panicking and never finding the right gifts for your friends and family? Here are some great ideas to help your gift stand out at any event. 

Keep a list

Whether you keep a list on your phone or use sites like Amazon to keep track of potential purchases, keeping a list of future gifts is a great way to buy something your loved ones have wanted for a long time but maybe forgotten about. Whenever they say they could do with a new set of headphones or are interested in a game coming out later in the year, simply make a note and keep an eye on the price. When a birthday or other event comes around, you already know what to buy.

Make It Personal 

If you can’t think of something they desperately need, you can still get a gift they’ll love by personalising it. Picking out personalised Valentine’s gifts or birthday presents is a fantastic way to get them something they will actually use, especially if it’s an accessory (like a water bottle) that offers convenience, among other benefits. Furthermore, they’ll want you to know they appreciate your gift, so they’ll feel more inclined to use it and show it off, too.

Get Them An Experience 

You don’t need to buy people things, especially because they might think they have enough. Instead, giving them an experience is a much better way to let them know you care and it’s something that they might not have thought about themselves. Whether you buy them gig tickets, football tickets, or a helicopter flight experience, it’s an occasion they will never forget and they are sure to love it. 

Give Them the Best Night’s Sleep

I can’t think of anything better than giving someone’s bed a bit of a glow up! A Simba duvet, pillow or linen set would gift someone the dreamiest sleep they’ve ever experienced. This would be especially great for parents of young children!


Vouchers may not be as exciting as some of the other gifts, but they are a good way to ensure the recipient can buy something they love. This approach is most effective with restaurant vouchers or retail vouchers, especially if you can’t think of anything to get them. Instead of them being disappointed by your gift, they will be grateful that you helped them purchase something they’ve had their eye on for a while but couldn’t justify the price. 

Make Something 

If you’ve got a crafty streak, these homemade gift ideas can give you some inspiration to make your loved ones something for their birthday or other occasion. From homemade artwork to clothing, especially hats and scarves, there are plenty of options and ideas for you to consider and you can gift them something you’ve put a lot of heart and effort into, which is often much easier to appreciate than simply dropping a lot of money on something they might not even like or need. 

The Perfect Gift 

The perfect gift isn’t always about how much you spend. It’s about getting something that they need without realising they need it. There are plenty of gifts you can find that should fit your loved ones and friends perfectly. You just need to know what they are after first.

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