5 ways to make a muddy lunchtime walk special for kids

Are you tired of the same old routine? Do your kids need a break from screens? Well, it’s time to grab those wellies and embrace a muddy lunchtime walk! Rainy days may seem gloomy, but they also present a fantastic opportunity to engage in some messy fun. 

I’m Steph from www.stephloveshoney.com and in this guest blog post, we will explore creative and imaginative ways to make a muddy walk feel special for your kids. From scavenger hunts to art projects, get ready to turn a drizzly stroll into a memorable childhood experience. So, put on your raincoat and let’s dive into the world of muddy magic!

Pack a Picnic for your Muddy Lunchtime Walk

Let them carry their own picnic in a little backpack. Invite them have a say in where you stop to eat on your muddy lunchtime walk, for example ask, “shall we stop by the stream or in the woods?” Somewhere under cover is ideal in the rain, like a patch of woodland or even a barn with public access, if you’re out on a National trust adventure or similar. Be sure to pack a waterproof picnic blanket, to keep everyone comfortable no matter where you end up!

Take a Flask of Hot Chocolate

You will all appreciate its warming effects and all the better if you’ve got room for the instant up levellers that are: a can of squirty cream and a pot of tiny marshmallows! The combination of the brisk outdoor air and the comforting heat of your hot chocolate will create the perfect balance during your walk, the warmth of the hot chocolate in your hands will make a cold, wintery day more delightful. Add a biscuit for pure bliss!

Include a Special Treat Now and Then

While a picnic and a warm, cosy drink can make a lunchtime walk exciting for the whole family, sometimes it might be a nice idea to include a very special treat. Explore different local options to help you add some variety to your days out.

For example, a steam train dining experience might turn a quiet, everyday walk into a wonderful experience for everyone, including the adults. True, it’s not the kind of thing you might be able to manage every time you go out with your children, but it does extend the day and make it more interesting. 

You might even find opportunities to sprinkle extra experiences into your children’s days out.

Take an Outdoor Toy Along

This could be anything from a football to a den kit or portable swing, just be aware that it will most likely end up filthy, so don’t take anything you want to keep clean! Your play stop could be a halfway point or you could break out the toys when you reach your destination, anywhere with a little bit of shelter works well in my experience.

Go on a hunt

Children love playing games like I spy and there is no reason at all why you can’t play them when you’re out for your muddy lunchtime walk! You could even take an I Spy book along or print off or invest in some outdoor scavenger hunt cards. For rainy days, laminated sheets work best! If you fancy an art project when you get home, why not collect some pinecones, interesting leaves or conkers and get creative!

Head for a Favourite or Fun destination

Most children adore familiarity, so taking them back to a favourite spot will win you instant brownie points. In my experience, the kid’s favourite spots are not necessarily ones I would pick to go back to (e.g. they aren’t always the most scenic or interesting to grown ups), but if it gets us all out in the fresh air without any complaints, I’m in! 

In conclusion, a muddy lunchtime walk can be turned into a truly special and memorable experience for kids, with a little bit of creativity and preparation. By embracing the mess, we can encourage their curiosity and sense of adventure while fostering a deep connection with nature. From providing proper attire and tools to organising fun activities and ending with a cosy hot chocolate, there are plenty of ways to make a muddy walk feel special. Life is about embracing the unexpected and finding joy even in the messiest of moments, let’s go forth and embrace the mud!

Where is your favourite place for a muddy lunchtime walk? Comment on this post or head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to let us know!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog Jess!

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