Creating the Best Dishes For Everyone to Enjoy at Easter

Easter brings with it a fantastic opportunity to get together with your loved ones and celebrate the seasonal ingredients so fondly associated with this time of year. Whether you’replanning a large family get-together or looking for inspiration for mealtimes at home, this article will provide some ideas for delicious dishes you can make this Easter.

Main Courses

The main course is the dish you want to wow your guests and represent a true springtime celebration. There are so many fantastic seasonal vegetables and meats around this time of year that you can use as the focal point for your main course. One of the most popular meats to cook with at this time of year is lamb. You can buy lamb and make a traditional Easter roast dinner, complete with all the trimmings including zesty spring greens, roasted carrots and herb-crusted Jersey Royal potatoes. 

If the idea of making a full roast dinner sounds like too much work, a simple one-pot lamb dish could be perfect to place in the middle of the dining table and let your guests dig in for themselves. If you have vegetarians to accommodate, you could make a hearty pie packed full of seasonal vegetables and greens.


When you think of sweet treats around the Easter holidays, you think of chocolate! After a nice hearty main course, there should always be room left over for something sweet, and there are so many wonderful desserts you could choose to prepare to delight your loved ones over the Easter holidays. 

If you want to get your little ones involved, you can make simple cornflake cakes smothered in chocolate left over from Easter eggs and decorate them with mini chocolate eggs. You could also bake cakes and cookies or prepare a light and refreshing fruit salad packed full of some of the wonderful seasonal fruits you’ll find at this time of year.

Baked Goods

It wouldn’t be Easter without some traditional baked goods. Hot cross buns are synonymous with this time of year, and although you can pick them up from your local supermarket, they are also incredibly easy to prepare yourself at home. Fill them with various spices and fruits such as orange, cinnamon, currants, and raisins, or mix it up for those with a sweet tooth and stir in mini chocolate chips or leftover treats from Easter eggs.

Easter Decorations

Once you have figured out all the wonderful dishes you are going to serve, all that is left to do is think about how you are going to decorate the table. Adorn your table with an Easter-themed tablecloth and dress the dining table with cute Easter decorations such as little Easter bunnies and chicks, along with beautiful candles and small flower arrangements that you can place in and around the dishes and bowls on the table.

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