Where and What to Eat When Visiting Australia

Australia isn’t just a land of stunning landscapes and wild and diverse wildlife – no, it’s also a haven for food enthusiasts! Though, I do agree, it’s usually not at the forefront of reasons why travellers hop Down Under. But no matter where you are, in their vibrant cities all the way to their quaint coastal towns, it’ll offer a unique culinary adventure. Let me guide you through some must-try dishes and dining spots across this vast and flavourful land!

What is Australian cuisine?

Australian cuisine reflects the nation’s broad multicultural identity – which means, that they are blending their indigenous ingredients from influences across the board: European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures – you’ll find bits and bobs from everywhere. There is going to be fresh seafood by the coast, hearty outback specialities – or, if you’re feeling feisty, their all-time favourite: fairy bread. Ideal, by the way, with my one of my all-time favourite recipes for Australian Damper Bread. Whatever taste it is you’re after, pack a big appetite once your Australian visa application gets approved, and off you pop.

The Top Places to Visit in Australia as a Foodie

Starting your journey in their undoubtedly most famous city, Sydney, is generally a good idea. You’ll find a treasure trove of dining options here – be it a hearty breakfast in Surry Hills (famous for its fluffy ricotta pancakes), or heading to Chinatown for mouth-watering dumplings and other Asian street food delights. Seafood lovers shouldn’t miss the Sydney Fish Market, offering the catch of the day as fresh as it gets.

Melbourne is another food lover’s paradise, boasting diverse eateries and hidden laneway gems. You’ll find an iconic coffee culture here. And I mean that when I say it. After all, the city is basically the coffee capitol of the world. The Queen Victoria Market here is excellent for fresh local produce, cheeses, and gourmet traits. Oh, and if you’re here, don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste Melbourne’s thriving bar scene with craft cocktails and excellent rooftop views!

I also recommend venturing out into their culinary offerings of Tasmania, especially the Hobert’s Farm Gate Market for cheeses, fruits, and freshly baked goods. Here, you’ll also find some more exotic meats, such as wallaby or possum. And going even further into the outback, make sure you’re able to experience a traditional Aussie BBQ (and tell my if my sauce is as good as I know it to be!) Nothing better than savouring steaks or kangaroo sausages under the stars. Or, if you’re a bit braver, bush tucker such as witchetty grubs or the indigenous fruit quandongs!

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